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The inception of the company: The company was set-up in 1994. Full operation has started since 1. 2. 1995, when planned transformation of former complex geological GMS a.s. company was carried out. The company has its own total legal subjectivity; anyway, with its tradition, stuff and experience follows the original company. G IMPULS Praha ltd. works in the Czech Republic and abroad as well.

The portfolio of the company: Geophysical works and consequent services (geological works, mining works, software, blasting technology, pyrotechnics, arrangment of services and selling). The company carries out works in engineering geology, hydrogeology, ore geology, ecology, criminalistics, archeology and civil engineering physics.

About the Company
Our team consists of 12 persons, incl. 9 university graduates - geophysicists, and three lead technicians. Most of our employees are graduates from Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science. All of our employees have widespread experince from domestic and international projects (Europe, mid-East, Mongolia, Cuba, USA). In our team are both young graduates in geophysics and well-experienced senior professionals as well.
• Seismics
• Geoelectrics
• Gravimetry
• Magnetometry
• Radiometry
Main office
Přístavní 24
170 00, Praha 7
tel./fax 266712779
ISO 9001:2016
Ministry of the Environment - geophysical works
Ministry of the Environment - geological survey
Ministry of Transport - geotechnical survey via geophysical methods
Ministry of Transport - corrosion survey